The Maynard Amerine Collection
at the UC Davis Library
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Maynard Amerine, a professor of viticulture and enology at UC Davis for nearly four decades, is widely considered to be the driving force behind the post-Prohibition wine industry in California. The over 5,000 labels he collected tell a story of the global wine industry from the 1800s through the 1950s.

The Amerine wine label collection provides a meaningful window into the history of both winemaking and winemakers during a pivotal time in the industry. Our goal is to make these labels, and this history, searchable and accessible to wine lovers everywhere.

To accomplish this, we need help marking, transcribing and describing the labels to create a searchable database. That’s where you come in! Help us uncork a piece of history.

Here's how you can help:


Thanks to your efforts, we have marked all our labels!

Transcribe & Describe

Once all the areas of interest on a label have been marked, we need to figure out what they actually say. For that, we need you to transcribe and describe:

Animated depiction of transcribing a text element on a label

Transcribe the text or handwriting on each label as accurately as you can. Use your best judgement when deciding whether to use capital letters, or when trying to decipher Amerine’s handwriting.

or write a description for the images that have been marked by other people. Again, use your best judgment—there is no wrong answer!

Animated depiction of transcribing an image element on a label

Just want to explore?

Until the labels are transcribed and a searchable database created, they’re just ordered randomly. That’s why we need your help. As more labels are transcribed, we’ll be able to gather more information about them. That will help us organize how we present them to you.

In the meantime, you can browse through the labels at random below.

Tell us your story

Are you a wine expert? Do you have family history with these labels? Send us your story!